A Guide to Being a Dog, by Seamus Wheaton, returns for a limited time.

A Guide to Being a Dog, by Seamus Wheaton, returns for a limited time.

A few years ago, we did a rescue pet calendar project in support of our participation in the Wiggle Waggle Walk; an annual event put on by the Pasadena Humane Society at the end of September. It was a really fun project to create, and between those two calendars, we raised about $76,000 for PHS, which was awesome.

dogs cover01In 2015, we collected dozens of ridiculously adorable tweets that Wil wrote, as if our dog, Seamus, was giving advice on how to be a dog, ending each post with “A Guide To Being A Dog – by Seamus Wheaton.” I thought it was such a cute idea (as did many others) so I decided to make them into a book. I wanted the illustrations to show that Seamus was giving our dog, Marlowe, this advice, seeing as how she’s the younger one and newer to our household, and it turned out cuter than I EVER imagined.

dogs40I asked our friend and amazing artist, Lar deSouza, to do the illustrations, and he happily obliged. He captured the personalities of Seamus and Marlowe perfectly, as well as the personalities in the cameos of our cats, Watson and Luna. As cute as this book is, I would not categorize it as a children’s book, unless you’re okay with your children reading about “taking a shit on the patio” or “dragging your ass across the rug.” But that’s your parenting call. The majority of the book is not like that, but I thought it best to warn you. dogs38

You can purchase a copy in our store, for a minimum $40 donation. Your donation goes to our 501(c)3 foundation, and your tax-deductible donation will help us support rescue animals in need. We anticipate that demand will be very high, so to ensure everyone who wants a book can get one, and that shipping and handling is manageable for us, there is one book per donation, please.


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