Our Mission

Our mission is to make the world a more awesome place by getting awesome things to awesome people.

[toggle title=”How does it work?”]We have some wonderful friends who make really great stuff, from TV and movies to books and music. From time to time, we get unique and cool things from our friends, which we offer for auction. All the proceeds from our auctions come into the foundation, which uses those funds to make more awesome things happen, primarily by supporting organizations that rely on charitable contributions to exist.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Who are we?”]We are Wil and Anne Wheaton. We started the foundation because we wanted to give something back to the world that has treated us so well.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”How can you help?”]The easiest way to support us is to make a tax-deductible donation to the foundation. You can also bid in one of our auctions, purchase a book, or attend one of our fancy dinners.[/toggle]